WebApp: File Storing e Sharing

Management of a file storing and sharing platform through a WebApp created for the course of “Architectures and systems design”.


The system must be designed in order to manage a file storing and sharing platform between registered users of the service. Each user of the system must initially have the possibility to register for the service by entering some personal information in a registration form.

Subsequently, the user is given the possibility to access the services offered through a login page.

Among the services offered to the registered user we find the ability to upload files to the server, view them, rename them, share them with other users who are also registered on the platform. In addition, each registered user can delete their files from the server and view the files that other users have decided to share.

Among the additional features present in the system we find the possibility given to the user to create folders and move files within a folder. In addition, the user also has the option of deleting folders already present on the server, deleting all the files contained within.


For the creation of the web application it is considered necessary and appropriate to use:

  • Java Servlet, and JSP classes for the acceptance of http requests, for the construction of the related response web pages and for the process of validation and processing of the data entered by the client;
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the JQuery library for managing the user interface;
  • Apache Tomcat 7, as middleware for web application deployment;
  • MySQL relational DB for storing user data (personal information and login data).

  • Polytechnic Institute
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering
  • University Of Palermo, Italy – 2014/2015